Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mac SEO Software

How much Mac SEO Software is actually available online?

If you use a Mac like I do, it's one of the first questions you'll ask yourself when you start on your Internet Marketing journey.

I'm not really that interested in using a package that runs in your browser from the cloud and even though there are applications available for Windows, I really don't like the idea of running it on my Mac.

As a Macintosh user, I like to use a client that sits on your hard drive, an app. If that is what you are looking for as well, there are very few choices. It seems that SEO developers really don't pay that much attention to Mac Users.

Sure, you can cover the SEO basics by installing a few plugins for FireFox to get the job started, you can even do Keyword Research using Googles Free Keyword Tool, but for any serious attempt to do ongoing SEO on your Mac, it's limited to a few software titles.

"The Best SEO Software For Mac" blog exists to explore the various Internet Marketing Tools built specifically for Mac OS X. I've tried a few of these SEO Software Tools and some are good and some are lacking. I'll try to suggest the best seo software on this blog.

SEO is very important and is essential if you want to understand how to increase website traffic. There are critical SEO Tasks you must preform on your pages and also off your pages.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization Techniques is required for any successful website or blog development, but gathering SEO Intelligence is also necessary due to the competitive nature of the web and any kind of business activity in general.

You need to know as much about your competitors as possible and it doesn't matter which operating system you use.

Any person that finds this blog will quickly find out that the SEO Software that I focus on will also be available for other operating systems as well as OS X.

An example of cross platform software is Website Auditor by Link-Assistant.

Of all the SEO Software for the Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard that I have found, for on-page search engine optimization, Website Auditor is the Best SEO Software.

When it comes to on-page SEO the software is totally awesome. You can enter your web address and the keyword or Keywords that you want to Rank for, and Website Auditor compares the on-page factors to the top 10 competitors for each keyword.

Once you know this you can understand what the competition is doing and then do a little better.

Catapult your website to the top of search engine listings through Google-tested on-site optimization. Learn More!

But as I have said, on page is only part of the puzzle.

There is other seo software for on page SEO but nothing comes close to Website Auditor for on-page optimization.

As far as I'm concerned, all the modules in SEO PowerSuite are essential to every Macintosh User.

It is The Ultimate SEO Toolkit - Learn More!

And - It's the best Mac SEO Software.



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  2. Hi!

    Good work jim :)

    Saludos desde Tenerife!

  3. Do you have any other suggestion for Mac software that similar to SEO SpyGlass ? SEO SpyGlass work fine for me but I want to try alternative software.

    Thank you very much

  4. I can't really say there is anything as good as SEO Spyglass - PC or Mac!

    I have not used anything that provides such an in-depth look at backlinks, urls, anchor text, and the other factors.


  5. There is a hidden monthly charge with all of link-assistant products...take it from me, a surprised and disappointed owner.

    The software works fine and then after 3-6 months (whatever they "include" in your $300 purchase) you will upgrade the software, only to find your "subscription" has expired. You must then sign up for a monthly charge just to continue using the software. And don't think you can just "skip" the upgrade either, the software will not work unless you upgrade and then will not work thereafter until you renew your "subscription".

    None of this is made obvious to the buyer on the main webpage. Its only revealed AFTER you buy it at the purchase page, by that time, you've already paid an unrefundable $300.

    Its decent SEO software for the mac, not great, it has a "windows-esque" interface that runs on a Mac, so it takes 2-3 clicks for every 1 click that a Mac-native piece of software would take. The real disappointment for me was that I was never told that its a lifetime expense and far more costly than it advertises.

    This is a real deal review from a dude that is out $300 and crying about it still.

  6. I have to take exception to most of everything you've said in your comment. From looking at your site, I'm guessing your name is Andrew...

    Let's take it one step at a time shall we?

    "There is a hidden monthly charge with all of link-assistant products..."

    This is absolutely not the case and the "Live Plan", which you are referring to, is well explained on the initial sign-up page for all Link-Assistant components.

    As a matter of fact, the live plan is not just included in the "What You Get" part, it is explained in more detail on the same page.

    Check it out...

    Just briefly, here's what you're getting today together with the SEO PowerSuite license:

    - Professional support from our Customer Service. We're always there to answer any SEO-related question you might have — within 24 hours max.

    - Multilingual software. Your SEO software not only works with any countries' search engines and optimizes sites in any language. You can also set different languages for all menus and reports inside the tools.

    - Free functionality updates for life. (That's right, all the bug fixes and feature improvements are yours free of charge for life!)

    - We're constantly improving SEO PowerSuite by listening to our users' suggestions and putting them all into the new release roughly every 2-3 months. All these goodies will be yours for free, for ever!*

    - Free 6 months subscription to the SEO PowerSuite Live! Plan. (The Live! Plan for SEO PowerSuite currently includes algorithm updates for proper interaction with search engines.)

    "We monitor the search engines closely, and whenever the algorithms change, we adapt SEO PowerSuite software to make sure you can always access the most current and accurate data.**

    And, we believe in our product so much, we would like to offer you a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our SEO software, we will refund you everything down to the last cent within 30 days since the date of purchase."

    And as with everything you buy, there's more on the bottom of the page...

    * Product enhancements covered by the SEO PowerSuite Live! Plan are offered free for 6 months since the date of purchase. When this period expires, these search engine related updates are offered on a paid basis. Without Live! Plan subscription the software is not getting algo updates and will not gather relevant data. Bug fixes and feature improvements are provided free of charge for life.

    ** SEO PowerSuite Live! Service currently includes search engines updates needed for proper extraction of data from the search engines. When you buy SEO PowerSuite, you'll get a free 6 months subscription for the Live! Plan. When the time expires, you may prolong your Live! Plan subscription on a paid basis to keep SEO PowerSuite tools in line with search engine algorithms. Click here to learn more about what is covered by the Live! Plan, as well as pricing information.

    So Andrew - you must read everything before you buy, it's called Due Diligence and it's your responsibility.

  7. You also said...
    "Its decent SEO software for the mac, not great, it has a "windows-esque" interface that runs on a Mac, so it takes 2-3 clicks for every 1 click that a Mac-native piece of software would take."

    You must be joking!

    Which SEO SOftware for the mac are you saying does the same job in one click? I would love to know this information because I would buy it immediately!

    The problem as I see it is - there are only a few options when it comes to "Mac-native" software for Search Engine Optimization and they are seriously lacking.

    Whether SEO Powersuite is native or ported to Mac OS X is irrelevant.

    I am genuinely sorry you are not happy with your software from LinkAssistant, but I believe if you try to understand and use the tools to their maximum capability you'll soon realize how effective they are - even with the added expense, which if you buy a 36 month plan greatly reduces your monthly cost.

    Most of the really good professional SEO Tools available are delivered through the "Software As A Service" model and will cost you thousands of dollars depending how many pages you are tracking or optimizing.

    SEO Powersuite is very inexpensive when you consider what it does for you!

    "This is a real deal review from a dude that is out $300 and crying about it still."

    I am glad you commented here on this topic and, unless a comment is spam, I have no-problem publishing it!

    But let me say this - insulting my integrity is not the best way to engage me on any topic and I take exception to your insinuation that I am not genuine!

    I spent a lot of time figuring out which seo tools to use and this blog is to inform other Mac Users what I have found.

    Even though there are affiliate links here, this blog is not about providing incorrect or misleading reviews strictly for monetary gain - I use everything I talk about here and I recommend what I think are the best solutions.

    Your comment hardly provides anyone with a "real deal review" and only reveals to me that you didn't even read the whole sign-up page.

    In any event, thanks for stopping-by and contributing to the conversation.


  8. Will be trying some of these tools, I will let you know how I get on.

  9. Please do. I'd like to hear what you have to say.


  10. Thanks! I use website auditor on my companies website! Works great!

  11. Sounds like you have a vested interest in defending this tool. I was hoping for a non-biased comparison.

  12. @Anonymous
    Thanks for your comment - at least you didn't try to spam a link.

    You are 100% entitled to your opinion and I do have an affiliate relationship with most, if not all of the SEO Tools I talk about on this blog.

    But let me say this: I mean every word I say because I use or have used most of the tools mentioned or advertised here.

    I use the software from Link Assistant every single day and I'm very happy with them. If that changes, you can bet it will be reflected here.

    I have used many other tools which you won't find here because I don't like them so I don't recommend them and I don't believe trashing anyones product is necessary or prudent.

    If you click on a ad and buy something, I will probably make a little bit of cash, but I will never retire on what I make from this blogspot blog and I won't mislead other mac users about anything to make money here.

    If you want a non-biased comparison, you can take almost every seo software tool available for the Mac on a free trial yourself.

    If you don't want to contribute to my retirement fund, don't click anything just do a search and goto the homepage of any tool you wish.

    I have been using a Mac since 1990 and this blog is only what I think are the best seo software tools for mac.

    If you don't trust what I say, figure it out yourself.

    Thank again for stopping by.