Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Speed Up Rank Tracker

I have been using Rank Tracker for quite some time and I have to say it works like a charm and I am always up to date on where I rank in the Search Engines for all the keywords that I care about ranking.

Even though Rank Tracker is a great tool I have found that unless you know what you are doing it can cause warnings from the big G and also run slowly if you are querying many Search Engines for hundreds of keywords. Of course there are ways to set the preferences in the tool using proxies and captcha solving to circumvent the blocks but they significantly slow down the whole process.

Don't get me wrong here, Rank Tracker is, as far as I'm concerned, the best rank tracking tool out there and I am not complaining about its effectiveness.
I highly recommend Rank Tracker.

I am constantly on the look out for ways to improve every task I preform when it comes to SEO so when I came upon a site the other day I was curious and decided to opt in for the free trial they were offering. If you want to learn How To Speed Up Rank Tracker, read on...

Trusted Proxies

The site is Trusted Proxies and after a week or so running Rank Tracker I am about to sign up.

The service is very easy to implement and once you've set it up you'll notice that it is blistering fast, I mean blistering!

In one of my databases for Rank Tracker, specifically the one I use for this blog, query exactly 500 search terms in Google, Bing and Yahoo. This process usually took hours to run. Now it takes about 15 - 20 minutes which to me is absolutely amazing. It is incredibly fast.

The people at Trusted Proxies are really accommodating when it comes to setting up a free trial and will work with you and help out any way they can.

I will be doing some more testing over the next few days and will post my conclusions here.

In the meantime, Give Trusted Proxies a Try, you are sure to be as impressed as I am. Leave a comment below about how it's improved you experience with the tools you are using.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wordpress Plugin For Keyword Optimization

One of the best Content Management Systems around has to be WordPress. Not only is WordPress great for blogging, it's great for building a website and with all the WordPress Plugins available, you can really get some great SEO right out of the box.

This blog is about the best seo software for mac and I'm sure there are many many Mac users that use Wordpress like I do. So I wanted to alert you about what this plugin can do. And just for the sake of disclosure, I own Keyword Winner 3.0 and I am in their affiliate program.

I just recently bought this Premium WordPress Plugin for Keyword Optimization and I use it on some of my other sites that run wordpress. It's is a very effective tool for finding low competition keyword phrases so you can optimize posts on the fly.

As we all know, some the SEO Software for Mac I write about on this blog can be expensive but in the long run I try to write about SEO Tools that deliver great results for Mac users.

Keyword Winner WordPress Plugin

Keyword Winner
If you run a wordpress blog and are as obsessed with optimizing every post you do around keyword phrases you want to rank for, this keyword tool can certainly help. The tool itself specializes on optimizing for keyword phrases which may not be obvious but might be easier to get ranked for.

Now this is not a replacement for keyword research and shouldn't stop you from finding out which keyword you want to target according to criteria you've previously established for your site, but what it can do is suggest, after you've decided on a headline, how to tweak it for targeting low competition opportunities.

Keyword Winner 3.0 also makes it easy to add tags to your post. Depending on how your site is structured to handle tags, this could make a huge difference to how you're indexed in the SERPs.

Probably the coolest feature about the Keyword Winner Plugin For Wordpress is that it actually tells you how many backlinks you need pointing to your post to rank on page one. Even if these are low competition keywords it's great information to know. It's highly actionable as well plus you can also see the backlink counts for the higher competition keyword phrases.

According to Keyword Winners promotional material, here's what they say:
  1. Competition, Insights, Search Trends and Backlink Analysis
    Once you type a headline in your blog post, you can click "get suggestions" making it easy to get instant stats so that you can choose the best headline based on its overall searches per month, competitive nature and search trend!
    1. Google Insights
    2. Google Competition
    3. Google Trends
    4. (Bing Backlinks) You can even add tags as well!

  2. Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines
    Keyword suggestions are there at your finger tips making it easier to target the right headlines and rank to the 1st page easily.

  3. Colors Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms
    Less competitive phrases are highlighted green, orange for average competing keywords and more competitive phrases are highlighted red! You can drill down on any suggested keyword until you get a low competition keyword.

  4. Page Competition Rank Checker
    Bloggers can quickly view the competition rank in admin area of their old blog posts and easily edit and improve page competition.

  5. Awesome Bloggers SEO Tool
    Bloggers can now write reviews by targeting specific keywords on affiliate products to get to the top of Google and convert pages into sales.
Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am using Keyword Winner 3.0 in some of my wordpress blogs and I find it very useful. Remember it's not a substitute for researching keywords, put it is sure worth the less than a hundred bucks to add this premium wordpress plugin to your SEO mix.

If you wanna get it, Keyword Winner 3.0 is sure to open up some new keyword targets for you.