Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEO Spyglass Upgrade

A couple of days ago the good folks of Link Assistant, the makers of what I consider to be the Best SEO Software, have upgraded SEO Spyglass.

I have already posted about how great this software is and what it does, but this upgrade has made a great SEO Tool even better than it was before.

I know this blog focuses on SEO software for Mac but the software I talk about here is usually not limited the Mac platform. SEO Spyglass is an excellent SEO Tool for finding backlinks to your competitors sites and it works on Windows and Linux as well.

When running SEO Spyglass before the new update there was a limitation on the number of backlinks you could find per search engine. Search Engines normally don't show more than 1000 backlinks but the software engineers that work on SEO Spyglass have found a way to overcome that problem and have smashed through it.

So now you can find many more links, if your competitors have them. I've tested it and they are right. In every test I found more backlinks. As a matter of fact, my main test showed 743 more backlinks for one site in alone. I gotta tell you - that really helps.

Increasing the backlinks you can find in the search engines is only one aspect of the recent upgrade, there is now direct support added for the new Snow Leopard.

I can't tell you enough how great this piece of SEO Software is, I use it and would be lost without it.
SEO SpyGlass

The features in SEO Spyglass and the low price make it The Best SEO Software For Mac. So, if you want to work a link building strategy with the best competitive intelligence, and all for less than $100.00, Click on the box to the right and start rising in the SERPs Today!


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