Thursday, October 22, 2009

How To Optimize Your Website To Increase Web Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is, if you believe the experts - and I don't, a very complicated set of tasks better left to the experts who say they know what they're doing. And by the way, I am not the only one that says don't waste your time on SEO Experts.

You could spend hours upon hours reading about How To Optimize Your Website To Increase Web Traffic and at the end of the day walk away being more confused than when you started. There are thousands of little pokey items that webmasters obsess over when they try to tweak a site so it will rank well in the SERPs.

If you have a website or a blog you've probably spent hours researching keywords and trying to rank for them. You've written posts and even traded links with some other blogs in your niche but still can't seem to get near the first page in the big G. So your hopes of getting to the first position start to seem like pie in the sky!

Have no fear because all is not lost, there is a way, but you need to be very determined to not let yourself get sidetracked. SEO is not as complicated as the SEO Experts would have you think. The main thing you have to wrap your head around is the Google view.

I know G is not the only search engine but they do have over 67% of all searchs preformed on the Internet according to comScore and Yahoo and Microsoft account for just over 10%. So who should you be concerned with? Google obviously!

The only thing Google or any search engine wants is to provide the most relevant and current information for every query requested from their index. So they write algorithms that weed out the obvious pages that are trying to game the system.

Google however, places huge importance on link popularity. They see it as votes and if you are going to rank high in the search engine, you'll need lots of votes.

Write Relevant Keyword Targeted Content

The very first thing you need to do to satisfy the hungry spiders, crawlers, and bots is to write relevant content which is focused on the topic you've chosen.

You have to make sure you use the keyword terms in your title, description, content, and internal linking structure. It is also very helpful if you organize your content with headings and sub-headings which include keywords and related terms of those keywords.

Now if you are writing a post about "SEO Software", you will use the term the way I've mentioned above. You should also use variations of the term like - "software for SEO" within your content.

Simple stuff right? Do the research to find terms relevant to your target keywords and work them into your content naturally so a human can easily read it.

Keyword Anchored Backlinks

This is the one most important activity you'll do to promote your website, landing page, or blog. Get Keyword Anchored Backlinks! What does it mean?

Here is a Keyword Anchored Backlink - SEO Software.

As you can see it's a hyperlink which means you can click on it. When you do it sends you to - It's the domain of this blog.

"SEO Software" is the keyword.

If a person comes to this blog and likes the content they might use these keywords in a post of their own and hyperlink it back to my post. Voila - Keyword Anchored Backlink .

It is massively important this link appear in content, not in a blogroll or a link list. When the link itself is in context it confers relevance of the content surrounding the link itself.

So if we are talking about SEO Software and the keyword-anchored link is naturally mixed with content that talks about SEO Spyglass, SEO Elite, Market Samurai, or any other kind of SEO Tool, the search engine will place relevance to the destination url the link is pointing to.

And That is exactly what you want - Keyword Anchored Links pointing to your site that are on topic and relevant. Those backlinks show Google that other sites believe what you have to say is important. If you get enough of them they may even think you're an authority on the subject.

How To Get Keyword Anchored Backlinks

As I just mentioned, you can get backlinks naturally from enthusiastic readers who are in your niche that wish to share your expertise with their readers. If you are writing informative content it'll happen naturally without any interference at all from you.

If you want to help the process along a little you can actually request at the end of your article that people link back to you. You can even provide the exact code for them if you want as you can see done on this post about Link Building or on the bottom of this page.

It is of paramount importance that you use the keyword in your backlinks, it's how you'll get on-topic traffic. When you build quality backlinks, you'll get quality traffic but more importantly, you will get a vote for the keyword which will help you rank higher for the keyword.

Article Marketing

Another method to get Keyword Anchored Backlinks is Article Marketing. This can be a great way to get backlinks and traffic. It is work intensive, you have to write lots of articles and submit them to article publishing sites. There are rules you have to follow with many of these sites and usually you have to join to be able to publish your articles.

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

If you want to give your Article Marketing some serious legs, UAW is an amazing service. I use it and I am also an affiliate. This great service will help you syndicate your articles so they get the widest distribution.

I strongly suggest you join Unique Article Wizard and start building Keyword Anchored Backlinks . It is one of the most effective ways to get your article marketing working for you.

It doesn't make any difference which platform you're using, UAW is Software As A Service and is delivered online. It may not be software you own, and that usually makes a difference to me, but sometimes you have to go ahead and compromise.

Take my word for it, you'll be happy you did in this case. It is another part of How To Optimize Your Website To Increase Web Traffic.


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