Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Conficker Worm | Not On My Mac

This post doesn't have anything to do with SEO Software and is an observation of a few developments that I find a bit disconcerting.

The Conficker Worm computer virus continues infecting Windows-based computers all over the world and has experts confused as how they can protect those precious platforms. The Conficker Worm, Not on my Mac though!

Not available on a Mac. Now there's a bit of software I'm glad not to have.

But on a more somber bit of news, it seems that Microsoft has acquired majority control over Novell and is now the de-facto holder of the copyright of UNIX. This is surely not good news for the open source community. Who know what effect it will have on the Mac OS.

It seems some days are diamonds and dogs, depending on your point of view, all at the same time.

I for one hate the idea of using any Microsoft product on my Mac and considering the now hold the copyright on Unix is scary, to say the least.

As a Mac User, I will just continue to enjoy the great experience the Mac OS provides and try to keep the unsavory thoughts of MS out of my head. I wouldn't want to be Red Hat or Canonical (Ubuntu) at this time. I'm sure the MS bunch will be throwing up as many roadblocks as possible to any wider distributions in the future.

Maybe it will be good for Mac, although anything hindering an open environment for computing is bad for the whole community... Who knows for sure!


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