Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to get Backlinks

There is software out there for Mac SEO, however, you need to know How to get Backlinks.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing you've got to do the on-page nitty gritty. It's a necessity if you want to get your keywords recognized by the engines when they send out the army of insects to crawl your content.

Google,Yahoo and Bing like a well structured web page.

But let's be honest here. Google rules the roost and is driving most search traffic, and they keep getting more efficient, which requires publishers and advertisers to do the same.

So everyone has to get better at giving the user of search engines exactly what they want.


You have a website and you're obsessed with SEO because you want to rank well in the SERPs for the keywords which define exactly what your site is all about. The web can be a lonely place without traffic but it's even worse if the traffic you do get, leaves your site without doing anything!

You need to know where and How to get Backlinks. More importantly, you need to get Relevant Backlinks from Relevant Sites. Sites in Your Niche!

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What are Backlinks
Backlinks are hypertext linked keywords (anchored text) that reside on a website pointing to another site, page, or article.

When Google came on the scene, the landscape changed dramatically in relation to criteria used to satisfy a search query. The mishmash of whatever was collected by Yahoo or Altavista, or any other engine, was basically ignored by Google in favor of a system of relevance judged by a measure of popularity. Yup, just like High School!

The mighty G serves-up pages based on authority, judged in large part by how many other popular sites link to the content of the sites that potentially match a keyword search term. Nice eh! Let the contest begin.

So if it's a popularity contest, how do you get popular? Answer: Relevant Backlinks!

You have to spend your precious time finding sites in the same niche as you are. This backlink finding process can be tedious and time consuming, but, there is link building software for the Mac that solves this exact problem. And it ROCKS!

LinkAssistant For Mac
LinkAssistant for Mac gives you a complete and customizable working environment by putting all the tools you need at your fingertips.
Here's what you can do with LinkAssistant:
  • Find valuable link partners and dig for their contact info.
  • Generate your own link directory with categories and subcategories.
  • Design link directory to match your site's look-n-feel.
  • Instantly upload your directory to the website.
  • Quickly address all partners in personalized emails.
  • Establish reciprocal, 1-way, 3- and 4- way links.
  • Manage incoming mail.
  • Make sure all your partners are linking back.
  • Monitor your link popularity over time.
Put your link building on steroids. Download LinkAssistant 3.0 free!

So there is your SEO Tool For Link Building, but don't just take my word for it, Try LinkAssistant 3.0 Now!

LinkAssistant is free for as long as you want to use it, but I guarantee you, you will buy the full featured version! It's that good!

Part of your strategy for Link Building has to be convincing the webmasters of related sites to link to you. It's not always easy because some may view you as competition.

Go ahead and send the site owner an email, tell them how great their content is, they may at least exchange links. Let me tell you this though, LinkAssistant will make this process so much easier - you will save thousands of hours using it.

In any event, you need to start building backlinks now.

You can have all the Best SEO Software for Mac you can find, and that's great - you do need it, but you need to know How to get Backlinks.


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