Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SEO Elite for Mac | Keyword Elite for Mac | Real SEO Software For Mac

One of the most important things you can do with a website or a blog is to track everything. I don't just track search engine rank, I look at every keyword phrase used by someone to get to one of my pages, posts, websites, or blogs.

You may wonder about my title for this post - SEO Elite for Mac | Keyword Elite for Mac | Real SEO Software For Mac.

Let me explain...

An interesting thing is happening with regard to this blog - THE BEST SEO SOFTWARE FOR MAC. Even a cursory glance should tell anyone what the site is about - SEO Software for Macs. Simple isn't it. One would think so.

I am getting quite a few searches lately for the following terms. (I've copied them from statcounter)

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If you consider my post about why Keyword Elite 2.0 Ignores Mac Users, the activity is quite understandable, but it raises a question.

If someone is using a Mac running the best Operating System you can buy and has paid a premium to get it, why would they want to run Windows software on that platform?

It is a testament to Apple that you can actually do this on a Mac, without hacking up your system software, but come on, why junk-up your system by running an unnecessary OS, with bloated code to boot, just so you can use software which the developer hasn't taken the time and effort to be inclusive of other operating systems.

Simply put, I want to use SEO Software that's built by Professionals Developers who have done their due diligence - that is - designed SEO Software to run on each platform.

That diligence alone shows me that the authors of the software have covered all the bases. This fact alone should highlight in the mind of any consumer, that they have paid attention to every detail. And believe me, the details make all the difference.

This is the main reason why I promote SEO PowerSuite and its components on this site almost exclusively.

I know, you're an Internet Marketer and you need Windows to use all the software available, and of course, don't forget Internet Explorer.

Anyway, I refuse to run Windows on any of my Macs so I have a ThinkPad for the exact above mentioned purpose. I only paid $500 for it so it's no big deal. It's a P4 M running at 1.8 Gz with 1Gb RAM. I recently cleaned the whole system and turned off a bunch of system functions running in the background, so, it is not bad running XP.

But make no mistake about it, I hate using it... it's U G L Y ! I have flirted with the idea of running Linux on it but I may get another cheap laptop for that purpose.

But I digress...

When it comes to the SEO Elite or Keyword Elite, I would never install Windows on my Mac just to run these apps. Having said that, it's my opinion and that's all it is.

If you want to use these SEO Tools, you can do it on your Mac if you have Windows installed. I won't, but I have a Windows machine and, if I so desired I could run SEO Elite or Keyword Elite.

The crux of the matter is which product provides you with the best SEO Tools. If you ask me, it's SEO PowerSuite.


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