Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keyword Elite for Mac

Keyword Elite for Mac is now available in a 2.0 Beta version. That's right!

I did a post August 27, 2009 on Keyword Elite 2.0 Ignores Mac Users where I stated I thought it was short sighted that any developer of SEO software would leave out a Mac version.

Well, I am now officially impressed that an effort has been made to get Keyword Elite 2.0 to run natively on Mac OS X.

I have not tried this software yet but I will be trying it out later on this week, but I did sign-up for the affiliate program and it looks like they have a very good one.

Keyword Elite has been around for quite awhile and I am sure that it has all the bells and whistles but before I recommend it I am going to buy it and try it. It's a tool for Keyword Research which makes it another SEO Tool I may use.

One thing I do like is that there is a money back guarantee. According to Brad Callen of Bryxen Software, Inc. - the creator:
Listen, this entire deal is completely no-risk... I've put together an unheard of 8 week guarantee for this thing. You can use it for 2 whole months before you decide if you want it. If you don't let me know, and I'll personally refund every penny. No risk, and no hard feelings.
Brad Callen - Bryxen Software, Inc.

I would say that makes trying Keyword Elite a no brainer... You've got 8 weeks to try it, if you don't like it, get a refund and move on.

After I take a closer look at Keyword Elite 2.0 for Mac I will post my conclusions.

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